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  • DM Fitzgerald

    Multiple avulsion / massive rotator cuff repair

    Dr. Bailey is THE #1 CHOICE for Ortho Sports Med. Prior patients choose him, AND other surgeons choose him! The more one knows about his expertise / results / compassion / bedside manner, the more likely that patient will go to all lengths to see him/insist on only his care. Experiencing a massive collapse of the rotator cuff during a championship tennis season, sidelined me. Arthroscopic reconstruction with multiple anchors and creative surgical on-the-spot engineering, got me back on the court in 5 months, and fully competitive 3 months later. Dr. Bailey is a miracle worker.

  • Sarnt

    ACL Revision

    After dealing with a slipping knee for 4 years, doc took care me. I'm 5 months post op at the time of this review. I'm running, hiking, swimming again. Whenever I bring up what might be an issue concerning my knee doc explains things a way that makes sense. 10/10 would recommend

  • Aaron G

    Fantastic Surgeon!!

    I am honored to call Dr. Bailey my orthopedic surgeon for the last 5 years. I had a multi-trauma injury to my knee which required several surgeries to restore function to my leg. Dr. Bailey was very attentive to my care and he is very transparent with his assessments and surgery path. He is a fantastic surgeon and I feel very fortunate to have such a highly proficient and realistic doctor in my corner. Dr. Bailey has always supplied me with every option available that was critical to my care and recovery. You can rest assured that he will always make you feel like you are his top priority!

  • M Francisco

    The best surgeon

    Doc made sure I was well taken care off. It was my very first surgery and he explained to me everything that has to be done and will be done. He was there to answer questions even after surgery and even checked up on me how I was doing. Thank you again doc from me and my family.

  • K R Booher

    Orthopedic surgical care

    Dr. Bailey surgically repaired my left shoulder massive rotator cuff tear. This was performed entirely through the arthroscope, minimizing disturbance of the surrounding soft tissues. The procedure was only offered after a thorough evaluation and consideration of all options. It was followed by a very successful rehabilitation program over a period of six months. I am now pain free with excellent function and no restrictions. I could not be more pleased with my choice of Dr. Bailey as a surgeon and with the outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Bailey to anyone without any reservation.

  • Kristin R

    Dr. James R. Bailey phenomenal physician!

    Just typed a long review and lost it. Dr. Bailey did a rotator cuff and biceps repair reattachment on me Nov. 22, 2021. From start to all follow ups, he’s explained everything to me, reassured me when my pain was pretty awful, and most of all, cared how I was feeling. 5 days after surgery, my arm brace was causing so much pain, I was reduced to tears, so my husband drove me in on a Saturday to see if someone was at the Ortho Clinic. Lo and behold, Dr, Bailey himself was working on a Saturday and came into the cast room and took my brace apart, showing me how it was supposed to go and how to put it on and off, patted my arm with a touch, that was more healing than any amount of knowledge imparted to me. Just that empathetic touch got me through a long 4-6 month recovery and I finally feel like I’m almost completely pain free. He’s an excellent surgeon, with a wonderful bed side manner, which is 100% important to me! Dr. Bailey is the best if you need ortho surgery!

  • Taira


    Had a meniscal repair with a great outcome. Back to all activities quickly! Dr. Bailey was very thorough both pre & post surgery and was an absolute professional. Thank you!

  • Ryan

    Phenomenal Surgeon

    I had a labrum repair and shoulder stabilization surgery performed by Dr. Bailey. The entire experience from first appointment, to the operating room, to post-operative follow up was fantastic. I cannot imagine a more empathetic, knowledgeable, and technically proficient surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone and would travel to wherever he is practicing for another procedure if I needed one regardless of where I lived.

  • Jonathon T

    AC Surgery

    First surgery, ac reconstruction surgery. I was nervous going in but Dr Bailey was exceptionally professional and explained everything well. Surgery wad a complete success and follow ups have been great.