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Rotator Cuff Exercises

The exercises described below help strengthen the rotator cuff muscles. Always warm up your shoulder before performing your exercises. Pendulum exercises are a good way to warm up the shoulder. This simple exercise is performed by bending at the waist and gently swinging the arms back and forth as well as raising and lowering the arms slowly. The following exercises may then be performed using light weights that allow you to perform at least 20-30 repetitions of each movement.

Shoulder Rehabilitation

The shoulder is considered one of the most mobile joints in the body, but a fall, accident, trauma or disease can cause pain, weakness, numbness, instability and sometimes disability. The first line of treatment for shoulder problems include rest, immobilization, ice application, NSAIDs and steroid injections. When these conservative treatments do not relieve symptoms and in cases of severe injuries, your doctor will suggest surgical treatment.

Physical Therapy for Knee

Physical therapy is an exercise program that helps you to improve movement, relieve pain, encourage blood flow for faster healing, and restore your physical function and fitness level. It can be prescribed as an individual treatment program or combined with other treatments. It involves a combination of education, manual therapy, exercises and techniques such as water, heat, cold, electrical stimulation and ultrasound.