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  • Anonymous

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    First bike ride after rotator cuff repair and biceps tenodesis

    Few months after rotator cuff repair and biceps tenodesis: First bike ride Saturday - 15 miles and feeling good!

  • Eric Elder

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    Back in the Water, Back in the Race

    Dr. Bailey helped me overcome injuries that devastated my swimming, paddling, surfing and other competitive athletic endeavors. From our first meeting, his care, professionalism, intelligence, experience and personal demeanor were top notch. Dr. Bailey was straight forward and explanatory about the reality of my injury and recovery potential, which was especially important to me as I am an over 60 competitive athlete in sports where my shoulders are everything, making recovery more daunting and more important. Dr. Bailey performed biceps tenodesis and sub scapular repairs from which the recovery has been relatively fast, easy on pain and, now 6 months out, almost total functionality and range of motion are back. Could not ask for a better result or better care. Thanks for getting me back in the water and back in the race! And, thank you for your service in your previous life.

  • Kristin Luttrell

    Dr. Bailey is the best❗️

    Dr. Bailey was my surgeon for both of my rotator cuff repairs while he was in the US Navy at NMCSD. He was wonderful in keeping in touch, checking up on me after surgery. My April 24th surgery was only a couple of weeks before he retired from the Navy and moved his practice to Santa Barbara. I had some post surgery questions 4 months later and called him last week. He not only returned my call early the following morning, he offered to answer any of my questions anytime. I also asked him if the physician I have an appt. With in Oct. is a good one and he reassured me he is the best. We drove by Santa Barbara from San Diego on a visit to see our daughter near San Francisco this weekend. I was wishing I could stop and have him take a look at my shoulder for reassurance that it was healing correctly, but it was the middle of the night. There is no physician better than Dr. Bailey! He is kind, caring and goes above and beyond than just his surgery patient procedures. He has seen me numerous times and I always leave his office feeling reassured.Thank you Dr. Bailey for your wonderful expertise, but mainly your kind personality and communication with me. You are the complete package of what all patients wish for in a physician❗️

  • Lisa Jehle

    Phenomenal Doctor available in SB…

    My husband received references from athletic friends who’ve been personally assisted and treated by Dr. Bailey. We attended an appointment with Dr. Ryu, a formidable member of this team. He suggested Dr. B step in a move forward with my proposed treatment. He is a “less is more” rare surgeon everyone should be seeking. Both are well-pedigreed, yet effacing and humble beyond expectations.

    The beyond impressive pedigree of this combined team is elite and most decidedly enough to give pause, (until their incredible sense of humility and extension of a rare skillset takes center stage). Everyone in this City needs to be keenly aware of the gifts hidden by the relatable attitude and demeanor of these legends. It was a humbling and lasting impression for me. Santa Barbara residents and beyond should know the name of this team for the BEST professionals. These men are veritable unicorns in this niche. I’m honored to have received such impressive attention and support.

    Moving forward with such a foundation of trust and faith. Let go, and trust in your process. If life has brought you here, on their doorstep, you are fortunate far reaching any blessings and accolades.

    Thank you to you both for my amazing hopeful and inspiring visit. You are all ROCK STARS in my book. That’s all that matters. These men have aspired to the BADASS level…and made it. All the way there on the path less traveled.

    Go forward without hesitation. They always have the patient in their best interest. Ethical above reproach, and memorable. Amazing and profoundly memorable. They MAKE a dent in the universe. Something we should all be driven to accomplish. Their FLOOR is every other comparable business operation’s CEILING. Keep rising and shining your bright lights on the good and decent people of this blessed Xanadu environment and community.

    Be well, and know that not moment of today was LOST on me.

  • Matthew Kiefer

    Elite Ortho Surgeon & Military Professional

    Dr. James R. Bailey, is objectively a world class orthopedic surgeon (see his long list of publications, presentations to international audiences, and trust of members of the U.S. Military special operations community from prior work). What you can't see until you meet Dr. Bailey is the exceptional individualized care and professionalism that derives from being a strong family man, former Marine Officer turned Navy Surgeon, and his conscientious disposition. Dr. Bailey was my surgeon for my AC Joint repair/reconstruction following a military training incident. I requested him by name on the recommendation of a Marine Colonel who also sang Dr. Bailey's praises. As for results, 18 months post-surgery, I attended MARSOC Assessment & Selection and was selected to become a Special Operations Officer having physically competed and outperformed men significantly younger than me. That and follow on MARSOC training put an extreme level of physical stress and weight on my shoulder but it held true and is a testament to Dr. Bailey's elite skill.

  • Ryan S

    Outstanding Surgeon

    Dr Bailey performed a bi-lateral shoulder surgery on me. With his guidance I have made a full recovery and continued an active lifestyle. I was truly blessed to have Dr Bailey as my surgeon. Thank you!!!

  • Ryan A

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    Dr. Bailey was my doctor going on three years and really took great care of me. He fitted me in his busy schedule last minute even though he was fully booked. My rotator cuff surgery went great and recovering very well. The Navy is going to miss him dearly. He’s also very kind and understanding professional.

  • Karen B

    Amazing Ortho Surgeon

    I have had 4 shoulder surgeries and this last one with DR Bailey was by far the best! He took the time to discuss all options, he worked around my busy work schedule and travel. He worked me into his schedule last minute so I could get my surgery with enough time to recover and be able to travel to Japan for work. The recovery was painless and my shoulder feels great! At my post op, I told him that now my left shoulder was hurting due to having such an overload on it for such a long time, and he took care of me right away. I did not have to reschedule for another appointment. He also was very helpful with some physic therapy issues I was having. Overall, him and his staff were outstanding. My only regret is DR Bailey is transitioning out of the military and now, everyone gets the opportunity to have him as their surgeon. If I do have to have le surgery, he won’t be around to perform it but he has already set me up with another great surgeon and I trust him. He is the BEST!

  • Micah S

    Great Ortho Surgeon

    Before during and after surgery he maintained constant communication. He explained conditions and corrective procedures. He answered all questions and helped managed expectations during the recovery process. I would highly recommend this doctor.

  • Kevan

    Latarjet procedure

    Dr Bailey performed a latarjet on my left shoulder. I had been dealing with this injury for years. After the procedure I had no issues with recovery and the shoulder has been stable. Dr. Bailey was awesome with his aftercare. Cannot recommend Dr Bailey enough as an orthopedic surgeon