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  • Matthew Kiefer

    Elite Ortho Surgeon & Military Professional

    Dr. James R. Bailey, is objectively a world class orthopedic surgeon (see his long list of publications, presentations to international audiences, and trust of members of the U.S. Military special operations community from prior work). What you can't see until you meet Dr. Bailey is the exceptional individualized care and professionalism that derives from being a strong family man, former Marine Officer turned Navy Surgeon, and his conscientious disposition. Dr. Bailey was my surgeon for my AC Joint repair/reconstruction following a military training incident. I requested him by name on the recommendation of a Marine Colonel who also sang Dr. Bailey's praises. As for results, 18 months post-surgery, I attended MARSOC Assessment & Selection and was selected to become a Special Operations Officer having physically competed and outperformed men significantly younger than me. That and follow on MARSOC training put an extreme level of physical stress and weight on my shoulder but it held true and is a testament to Dr. Bailey's elite skill.

  • Ryan S

    Outstanding Surgeon

    Dr Bailey performed a bi-lateral shoulder surgery on me. With his guidance I have made a full recovery and continued an active lifestyle. I was truly blessed to have Dr Bailey as my surgeon. Thank you!!!

  • Ryan A

    empty heading

    Dr. Bailey was my doctor going on three years and really took great care of me. He fitted me in his busy schedule last minute even though he was fully booked. My rotator cuff surgery went great and recovering very well. The Navy is going to miss him dearly. He’s also very kind and understanding professional.

  • Karen B

    Amazing Ortho Surgeon

    I have had 4 shoulder surgeries and this last one with DR Bailey was by far the best! He took the time to discuss all options, he worked around my busy work schedule and travel. He worked me into his schedule last minute so I could get my surgery with enough time to recover and be able to travel to Japan for work. The recovery was painless and my shoulder feels great! At my post op, I told him that now my left shoulder was hurting due to having such an overload on it for such a long time, and he took care of me right away. I did not have to reschedule for another appointment. He also was very helpful with some physic therapy issues I was having. Overall, him and his staff were outstanding. My only regret is DR Bailey is transitioning out of the military and now, everyone gets the opportunity to have him as their surgeon. If I do have to have le surgery, he won’t be around to perform it but he has already set me up with another great surgeon and I trust him. He is the BEST!

  • Micah S

    Great Ortho Surgeon

    Before during and after surgery he maintained constant communication. He explained conditions and corrective procedures. He answered all questions and helped managed expectations during the recovery process. I would highly recommend this doctor.

  • Kevan

    Latarjet procedure

    Dr Bailey performed a latarjet on my left shoulder. I had been dealing with this injury for years. After the procedure I had no issues with recovery and the shoulder has been stable. Dr. Bailey was awesome with his aftercare. Cannot recommend Dr Bailey enough as an orthopedic surgeon

  • DM Fitzgerald

    Multiple avulsion / massive rotator cuff repair

    Dr. Bailey is THE #1 CHOICE for Ortho Sports Med. Prior patients choose him, AND other surgeons choose him! The more one knows about his expertise / results / compassion / bedside manner, the more likely that patient will go to all lengths to see him/insist on only his care. Experiencing a massive collapse of the rotator cuff during a championship tennis season, sidelined me. Arthroscopic reconstruction with multiple anchors and creative surgical on-the-spot engineering, got me back on the court in 5 months, and fully competitive 3 months later. Dr. Bailey is a miracle worker.

  • Sarnt

    ACL Revision

    After dealing with a slipping knee for 4 years, doc took care me. I'm 5 months post op at the time of this review. I'm running, hiking, swimming again. Whenever I bring up what might be an issue concerning my knee doc explains things a way that makes sense. 10/10 would recommend

  • Aaron G

    Fantastic Surgeon!!

    I am honored to call Dr. Bailey my orthopedic surgeon for the last 5 years. I had a multi-trauma injury to my knee which required several surgeries to restore function to my leg. Dr. Bailey was very attentive to my care and he is very transparent with his assessments and surgery path. He is a fantastic surgeon and I feel very fortunate to have such a highly proficient and realistic doctor in my corner. Dr. Bailey has always supplied me with every option available that was critical to my care and recovery. You can rest assured that he will always make you feel like you are his top priority!

  • M Francisco

    The best surgeon

    Doc made sure I was well taken care off. It was my very first surgery and he explained to me everything that has to be done and will be done. He was there to answer questions even after surgery and even checked up on me how I was doing. Thank you again doc from me and my family.