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Shoulder Fracture Care

A break in the bone that makes up the shoulder joint is called a shoulder fracture. The clavicle (collarbone) and end of the humerus (upper arm bone) closest to the shoulder are the bones that usually are fractured. The scapula, or shoulder blade, is not easily fractured because of its protective cover of surrounding muscles and chest tissue.

ORIF Proximal Humerus Fractures

Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) is a surgical technique employed for the treatment of fractures to restore the normal anatomy of the bone.ORIF of a proximal humerus fracture involves making a skin incision over the fracture site and attaching a metal plate to the humerus to hold the broken edges of bone in proper alignment, facilitating the healing of the fracture.

Nonunion Fixation of a Shoulder Fracture

Nonunion fixation of a shoulder fracture is a surgical procedure that is performed to repair a shoulder fracture that has persisted for at least 9 months and has not shown any signs of healing for 3 months. Nonunion fractures are generally complex fractures and the aim of nonunion fixation is the restoration of pain-free mobility and function.

Knee Fracture Surgery

A knee fracture is a broken bone or a crack in or around the joint of the knee. This can involve the tibia (shin bone), the kneecap (patella), or femur (thighbone) where they connect with the knee. Knee fracture surgery is a surgical procedure performed to correct the cracked or broken bones in or around the knee to restore normal anatomical function, stability, and motion.

Patella Fracture

The kneecap or patella forms a part of the knee joint. It is present at the front of the knee, protecting the knee and providing attachment to various muscle groups of the thigh and leg. The undersurface of the kneecap and the lower end of the femur are coated with articular cartilage, which helps in smooth movement of the knee joint. A fracture in the kneecap is rare but common in adult males.

Tibial Eminence Fractures

The tibial eminence, also called the tibial spine, is a bony protuberance of the tibia (shin bone) that attaches to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee joint. A tibial eminence fracture is break or crack in the bony attachment of the ACL to the tibia. The fracture can be a contact or non-contact injury and occurs at the base of the tibial eminence.

Elbow Fracture Reconstruction

Elbow fracture reconstruction is a surgical procedure employed to repair and restore the appearance and full function of a damaged elbow caused by severe trauma or injury. This may include repairing damaged structures or replacing missing or damaged structures with adjoining skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, or nerves to restore the appearance and function. This may also include bone fusion (arthrodesis) or replacement of a joint (arthroplasty) to mitigate pain.

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